Easily animate your logo from just $3

Choose a design, upload your logo, pick a colour scheme and request your free preview!

We like to keep things simple. You only pay for the videos that you create. There's no on-going subscription fees so you don't need to worry about whether you're going to get enough use.

Low cost, high quality

Our fully automated system allows you to create professional looking videos at a fraction of the cost with just a few clicks. No graphic design experience needed! All of our designs have been created to a high professional standard by experienced motion graphics designers.

Overwhelmed by the choice?

We've curated our 250+ designs into categories to help you quickly find exactly what you're looking for.

Stunning visuals, perfect for any occasion

Our easy-to-use text design animations allow you to produce stunning visuals suitable for:

  • Social media
  • Live streaming
  • Digital signage
  • Promoting events
  • Advertising special offers
  • Award ceremonies

What our customers say

Jason Wootton

Fantastic service and so easy to use. You've saved me a fortune!

Louise Dulley

Very easy to customise, order and was able to download very quickly. Will definitely be using you again.

Stephen T Blatz

Awesome products, these are so affordable. I bought 7 of them. I cant wait to offer these to my clients.


Create beautiful animated messages for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs - whatever the occasion, we've got a design to suit.