How to Play Your Videos

  1. Text in Motion Web Player
  2. Media Player on your Computer/Laptop
    1. Windows/OS X/Linux - VLC (Recommended)
  3. Television / Screens
    1. USB Memory Stick
  4. VirtualDJ
  • Text In Motion Web Player

    This is the easiest option for playback if you have an internet connection. Simply go to your Orders page and press the play icon.

    This will launch our web player which plays your video on a continuous loop. You can expand it into full screen mode.

    Your video will be available on the web player for 30 days. After this time it will be deleted, so if you want a copy for future use make sure you also download the video file.

    Please note that we cannot guarantee availability of our web video player, and so for your peace of mind we recommend that you download the video to your computer and play it from there, or at least have this as a back-up option. (If for example your internet connection or our servers were temporarily unavailable you wouldn’t be able to play your video).

  • Media Player on your Computer/Laptop

    Windows/OS X/Linux - VLC (Recommended)

    Download the video from your orders page and save it on to your computer. You can then play it in your favourite media player software.

    We recommend VLC Media Player - the short tutorial below explains how to seamlessly loop your videos.

    You could then connect your device to a TV or video projector.

  • Television / Screens

    USB Memory Stick

    If your TV is able to play MPEG4 h.264 video files from a USB memory stick, you can download the video file and copy it onto a USB stick, and set it to play on repeat. You will need to consult your TV's user manual to find out how to do this.

    Unfortunately most domestic TVs don't do a very good job of seamlessly loop videos. In this case, we would suggest using video editing software to make a longer version of your video so that the video loops less frequently.

  • VirtualDJ

    For professional DJs, VirtualDJ offers the perfect way to play back your videos. Watch the following tutorial for details on how to load your videos into the Sampler in VirtualDJ 8+ for instant access and seamless looping.